All You Need to Know About Subway Chicken Wings [2023]

Honestly, have you ever tried the Subway Chicken wings yet? You can’t imagine Subway selling wings as we all know we go there to eat delicious sandwiches or items like chicken breast, veggie delight subs, meatball marinara, etc.

If you are staying in the USA and wondering, “Does Subway have chicken wings taste any good?”. Once you visit the Subway store, you can have the Chicken wings with any of your favourite sauces, like a spicy sauce, or a tangy or barbeque sauce, you can have it, and thus it is among the top favourite food items of the majority of people. 

Due to their popularity and craze among the people and never-ending demand in the market, many other brands thought to exploit the opportunity and serve their customers with the delicious wings. They should have thought about whether they could match the taste and quality of the subway or not they started serving. 

We have many examples, like KFC, whose core product is chicken wings. It’s been selling to the customers since the day it was incorporated. But unfortunately, that was for a limited time only. The next one on the list is Taco bell. 

Please keep reading this article till the end as I explain why Subway has wings for its customers.

Why does Subway have wings?

Many people were unaware of the answer to the question of whether Subway has wings or not; one day, at the end of December 2019, the images of the Subway chicken wings went viral on different platforms on the internet. Even after looking at the delicious pictures of the chicken wings, many were unsure about the truth behind them.

Now, you may be wondering why people were shocked and skeptical to believe that Subway is selling chicken wings. There is a good reason, and I hope you all will agree with me on this. 

So, did they start selling chicken wings at the same time as the pandemic, in December 2019? 

The answer to the above question is a significant no. It is unlikely that it started selling chicken wings then. We shall see some reasons supporting the explanation or justification for the solution. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a Subway meat shortage disturbed the supply chain of many reputed restaurant chains. Subway products were mainly boneless, and people were not ready to accept that the chain could have items with bones. But most suspected that the chain could be selling Subway boneless wings. People also suspected that the franchise could sell Subway chicken wings in 2022 because of the tested qualifications of the proteins. 

  • One of the biggest reasons is this brand always sold the items without having bones in them; thus, shifting from boneless products to chicken wings would be a big transition, and that, too, on such short notice duration is unusual. 
  • There was already a shortage in the supply chain for procuring chickens and related products for every fast food chain and restaurant. 
  • According to the management, the decision to start the wings at Subway can be considered a poor managerial decision. 
  • Many people had already stopped visiting the restaurant personally, fearing the pandemic. 
  • The situation outside can negatively impact the overall business.  

Subway meat shortage and Subway chicken wings

So, do you still want to know, “Does Subway sell chicken wings or not?” Well, Subway sells a sandwich called “Buffalo Chicken Footlong”, which has “Frank’s RedHot” as the filling, but there are no chicken wings that the company sells separately.

The tuna served in Subway did not contain tuna, and the chickens were only 40% – 60% of the product the customers ordered. So, considering this, people thought there was no way Subway got wings. Obviously, if the Subway wings did not appear in the menu items online, they could not exist. 

When did people come to know about Chicken Wings at Subway?

A username β€œ@OG_Nino” tweeted a photo on January 10, 2022, about Subway selling wings. In this photo were a box on which “Subway Hot” was printed and a picture of wings from Subway. That photo has over 9000 likes, and people asked, “Is Subway selling wings now?”

Many commented differently on Subway wings 2022, as some also mocked the idea. But at least this photo started people talking about the Subway hot wings! 

Some people started investigating and found that it was all a hoax as someone photoshopped and posted the Subways wings

Another photo got viral with an account named β€œsaycheesetv“, which brought more than 41,000 likes. That is crazy!

People said someone might have photoshopped chicken wings as they were sure Subway did not sell them. See, how a single photo can cause confusion in the minds of the customers and news media?

Contact Details

Please use the following website for any help with the menu items and confirm whether the Subway stores sell chicken wings.

On this website, you can check out if it serves the items you are looking for or can reach out to the company using the contact us page. 


As of 2023, if you even visit the official website, you will not find any sign that says Subway has chicken wings. You can try out Fresh Melts, No Bready Bowls, Breakfast items, Wraps, Sides, Salads, Desserts, etc. 

Still, if you have any queries, please post them in the comment section below. 


Does Subway sell wings in 2023?

No, Subway did not and probably would not engage in selling chicken wings any time soon. 

What was the reason for the Subway meat shortage?

The meat shortage happened to all the meat food chains, not only Subway. But yes, it was due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

When did people think Subway was selling chicken wings as a menu item?

It was during the Covid-19 pandemic that a few people spread rumours about Subway selling wings. But it is all false as the company never came front with such a change of menu item. It all started in 2019 till 2022, and still, people are asking about it.