Subway Sauces Menu

Subway is one of the best restaurants which provide healthy fast food. It is located in almost 100 countries at 41512 locations and is amongst the fastest-growing franchises. One of the main reasons for this single-brand restaurant’s popularity is its healthy food, and you will get here healthy fast food. 

It helps in living a healthier life by having nutritious food in the form of fast food. You can find many things on the Subway menu, such as Subway toppings, sauces, Subway cookies, Subway pizza, and many more. In this post, you will learn about the Subway sauce menu, which includes different kinds of sauces, making your food more delicious. 

Subway Sauces

Subway offers several sauces to add more taste to your favourite food. While ordering a wrap, sandwich, or salad, you may have to add extras to make it more delicious, and that extra is the sauce. You can add these for enjoying a more tasty meal. The list of spices includes various types you need to know to make your dish taste the way you want. This may include:

  • Creamy sriracha
  • Yellow mustard
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Honey mustard
  • Buffalo
  • Oil
  • Baja chipotle
  • Mayonnaise
  • Roasted garlic aioli
  • Sweet onion teriyaki
  • Parmesan vinaigrette
  • Peppercorn ranch

You find all these Subway sauces well added in different dishes. A detailed description of each of the sauces is given below, from which you can get to know which sauce you can use per your taste and meal. 

Creamy Sriracha

creamy sriracha

This sauce can be an excellent choice for spicing your meal if you like spicy foods. However, it tastes somewhat sweeter than standard sriracha but still offers heat to your food. It also has very few calories from amongst the sauces list, which is only 80 calories per serving. 

Yellow Mustard

yellow mustard

Yellow mustard is one of the popular sandwich sauces of Subway, having 20 calories for one serving which is amongst the lowest calorie sauces. Mustard makes the taste of any sub sour and crisp. 

Red Wine Vinegar

red wine vinegar

Red wine vinegar tastes more intense than other sauces in the Subway. You can use this to put flavor to salad or sandwich; it has no calories, and you can make your meal flavored without adding extra calories. 

Honey Mustard

honey mustard

The honey mustard sauce gives mix taste of sweetness and tanginess. The sauce is prepared by adding equal parts of honey and mustard. You will get a taste from sweet to fiery, which works well with chicken kofta and turkey. 



It is a spicy sauce that tastes like creamy sriracha, but the heat is less. Buffalo sauce has almost ten calories and just 1 gram of carbs, and it works perfectly with wrap, salad, bowl, and buffalo chicken sub. 



Oil sauce has almost 90 calories per serving, giving the meal a moist and bitter taste. It is simple, has been used for a long time, and can be used for salad, wrap, and Subway sub. The oil sauce is made by using olive or canola oil.

Baja Chipotle

baja chipotle

It is a new sauce on the menu of Subway sauces and has around 140 calories. It goes perfectly with cheese sandwiches and roast beef. Baja chipotle gives the mix taste of spicy, smoked, and tangy flavours. 


regular mayonnaise

It is also known as mayo, which is thick in consistency and is mainly used for sandwiches. It is prepared by blending egg yolk, vinegar, and oil, which is widely used in most countries. And, it tastes creamy and fits well with seafood subs, chicken, and tuna. 

Roasted Garlic Aioli

roasted garlic aioli

If you are the one who likes garlic, then this sauce can be an excellent option for you. Its strong garlic taste makes the meal more delicious and unique. Roasted garlic aioli is vegan and has 160 calories per serving. 

Sweet Onion Teriyaki

sweet onion teriyaki

It comprises water, sugar, vinegar, onion juice, cornstarch, and numerous spices. It works out great with salad, sub, bowl, and wrap. Sweet onion teriyaki is vegan and offers almost 60 calories. 

Parmesan Vinaigrette

mvp parmesan vinaigrette

Parmesan vinaigrette offers almost every meal an excellent tang. The garlic, parmesan, and herbs make it delicious and offer 120 calories per serving. 

Peppercorn Ranch

peppercorn ranch

It is the same as the normal ranch but has some extra spice, making it good for any sub or salad. Peppercorn ranch comprises onion, garlic, buttermilk, peppercorn, and different herbs. The sauce gives a classic taste and can go perfectly with a sandwich and bacon, ranch, and chicken. Each serving has 160 calories to offer. 

What Are The Best Subway Toppings?

Along with sauces, you will find different Subway toppings and dressing options. If you choose the right toppings for your Subway meal, you can make your meal the best with great nutritional value. Here are some of the healthy topping options included which you should know about:

  • Onions
  • Spinach
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Bell peppers
  • Avocado
  • Banana peppers
  • Vinegar
  • Jalapenos
  • Sweet onion dressing 
  • Mustard

How Many Sauces Can You Get At Subway?

There is no limit to the number of Subway sauces; you can get as many as you want. You can also improve your taste by adding two sauces. 

You can combine southwest sauce and barbecue, which simultaneously gives you a spicy, sweet, and creamy taste. However, you can match any of the sauces as per your preference and enjoy your meal in the best possible way. 

For How Many Hours Is Subway Opened During the Week?

To get the services of the Subway, you should know about its opening hours. The restaurant is open for about 16 hours per day on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. There is a slight change in it from one store to another. 

Some stores at different locations may offer fewer or more opening hours. Thus you can know the exact opening hours by visiting your nearest Subway store. 

How Is Subway Good In Maintaining The Food Quality?

Subway is good at keeping track of the nutritional details of each kind of sub. The restaurant uses different ways to keep the food sustainable and good. 

You can also find information regarding such things on the websites of nutrition information and health commitment. 


How is Subway good for health?

Subway provides you with a much better variety of healthy food options than other fast food options. The meals offered at Subway are a great source of protein and fiber, and also these are low in sugar and have fewer calories. The best part is that you can customize the meal per your flavoured sauce requirements. 

Which is the most popular sauce on the Subway menu?

Many people give preference to mayonnaise as their favorite sauce. However, chipotle sauce is the most popular option from Subway sauces. 

What are the healthiest Subway sauces?

There are several choices for healthy Subway sauces, including sweet onion sauce and honey mustard sauce. These are great options if you are looking for healthy sauces. 

Final Words

Once you learn about different Subway sauce options, you can easily find the one to your taste that goes well with your meal. Also, the toppings and dressings have several options making your food more delicious. You should give it a try to Subway sauces for having the best meal with great taste.