Subway Sandwiches Menu 2023

Many people who like Subway often wonder about the Subway Sandwich Menu before visiting the store. If you are looking for a perfect guide to know about the menu of Subway Sandwiches in 2023, you have reach the right place. In this article, I’ll explain all the details about the Subway Sandwiches Menu with price.

You may be confused about which item to choose when you have only heard about the name of a particular food item at Subway. After reading my comprehensive article, you can easily plan your trip to Subway to get the best meal. This article will help you choose the most nutritious, delicious or special item at Subway.

You can eat any menu item you desire at Subway quite easily if you have an idea about prices and nutritional values such as calories, carbs, etc. But today, we will talk only about the Subway Sandwiches Menu.

We have taken our time and put our efforts into bringing you the complete details about the most authentic sandwiches so that you face no trouble at Subway. So, let’s begin the article without wasting any more time. Before you understand Subway’s sandwich menu, you must know different menu items.

What are the different types of Subway Menus?

Subway offers different types of menus to its customers, like below,

Now, these are different types of Subway Menus that you can eat. So, let us understand about the menu items Subway Sandwiches Menu items with price.

Subway Sandwiches Menu With Price 2023

In the following table, I have explained all the Subway Sandwich Menu items with price and size so that you can choose whichever item you like on your visit to the store.

Subway SandwichesPrice Size
BLT $76 Inch Regular Sub
Baja Chicken & Bacon$8.396 Inch Regular Sub
All American Club $6.996 Inch Regular Sub
Baja Steak & Jack$7.496 Inch Regular Sub
Chicken & Bacon Ranch $8.396 Inch Regular Sub
Cold Cut Combo$66 Inch Regular Sub
Black Forest Ham$66 Inch Regular Sub
Oven Roasted Turkey $76 Inch Regular Sub
Italian BMT $66 Inch Regular Sub
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham $76 Inch Regular Sub
Meatball Mannara$76 Inch Regular Sub
Spicy Italian $66 Inch Regular Sub
Roasted Beef $8.296 Inch Regular Sub
Subway Club$7.996 Inch Regular Sub
Rotisserie-Style Chicken$76 Inch Regular Sub
Steak & Cheese$7.496 Inch Regular Sub
Turkey “Call Fresh”$9.596 Inch Regular Sub
Tuna $76 Inch Regular Sub
Sweet Onion Chicken – Teriyaki$66 Inch Regular Sub
Veggie Patty$7Regular Sub
Turkey Italiano$6.096 Inch Regular Sub
Veggie Delite $6 Inch Regular Sub
BLT $9Footlong Regular Sub
Baja Chicken & Bacon$13.89Footlong Regular Sub
All American Club $8.19Footlong Regular Sub
Baja Steak & Jack$11.79Footlong Regular Sub
Chicken & Bacon Ranch $13.89Footlong Regular Sub
Cold Cut Combo$9Footlong Regular Sub
Black Forest Ham$9Footlong Regular Sub
Italian BMT$9.5Footlong Regular Sub
Meatball Mannara$9Footlong Regular Sub
Roasted Beef $9.5Footlong Regular Sub
Subway Club$11.79Footlong Regular Sub
Rotisserie-Style Chicken$9.5Footlong Regular Sub
Steak & Cheese$10.89Footlong Regular Sub
Turkey “Call Fresh”$15.49Footlong Regular Sub
Tuna $9.5Footlong Regular Sub
Sweet Onion Chicken – Teriyaki$9.5Footlong Regular Sub
Veggie Patty$13.99Pro – Double Protein
Turkey Italiano$9.99Footlong Regular Sub
Veggie Delite $8Footlong Regular Sub

So, as per the above table, you can visit any Subway store and have delicious Sandwiches you like. All offer unique tastes and value for money. But please remember the size differences: one is a regular sub 6 inches long, and the other is a footlong. You will also find items like Veggie Patty having Pro-Double Protein size. 

You have learned about the Subway Sandwiches Menu With Price, but do you know when you can visit and enjoy this delicious item? So, let’s understand the store timing as well. 

What are the Subway working hours?

You would often think about visiting the Subway store, but because of having no idea about the Subway operating hours, you may be confused about when to visit. So, to clear your confusion and allow you to enjoy your delicious Subway sandwich, I have provided you with the Subway working hours table from Monday to Sunday.

DaysOpening & Closing 
Monday7 AM & 11 PM 
Tuesday7 AM & 11 PM 
Wednesday7 AM & 11 PM 
Thursday7 AM & 11 PM 
Friday7 AM & 11 PM 
Saturday7 AM & 11 PM 
Sunday7 AM & 11 PM 

Yes, most Subway stores open around 7:00 AM, where you can enjoy the delicious sandwiches on the breakfast menu. Besides these breakfast timing, you can go to your nearby store and ask them if they serve Subway Sandwiches around the same time. 

During the week, you can visit any day and enjoy your delicious Subway Sandwich Menu. Now, if you visit the Subway store around the holiday, then? Well, don’t worry. I have got that covered for you in the following point.

Subway Holiday Hours

During holidays, you become so busy that you don’t realize how to follow a plan about which places you should visit. It is going to all the places that you find attractive. So, to keep you on time, here is the list of Subway Holiday hours that will help you enjoy your delicious sandwiches.

Holiday Hours of SubwayTiming 
New Year DayRegular timing 
Good FridayRegular timing 
EasterRegular timing 
Martin Luther King DayRegular timing 
President DayRegular timing 
St Patrick DayRegular timing 
Halloween Regular timing 
Black FridayRegular timing 
Veteran’s DayRegular timing 
Christmas EveRegular timing 
Independence Day Regular timing 
Memorial DayRegular timing 
Columbus DayRegular timing 
Christmas DayClosed 
Day After Christmas Regular timing
Labor DayRegular timing
Day Before ThanksgivingRegular timing

Please follow the table presented above to get a clear idea about the timing of the Subway restaurants during holidays. Usually, all the locations are open during almost all the holidays, but it will be closed on significant holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. 

Where to find the Subway near me?

To find Subway near you, kindly use the website and search for the “Find Subway” option. Then type and location that you want. If you want to check the states and how many stores they have, please open these Subway Locations in the United States

You can also place your Subway order online at its official website. 

How does Subway food taste so full of quality?

Subway never compromises with quality, and for people who are searching for the best place to eat quality food, it is no other than Subway. Here, you can get a wide range of nutritious and delicious items. The health committee of the stores and proper nutritional food has made it a household brand today.

How to start a Subway Franchise?

Are you looking how to be a part of the Subway family by delivering great taste to the customers and earning money in the process? Well, no matter which country you are in, you will find an equal opportunity to serve Subway customers.

Please refer to the below table to get an idea about the Subway Franchise,

  • Initial Subway Franchise Fees – $15,000
  • Real Property – $2000 to $12,000
  • Leasehold Improvements – $40,900 to $200,000 
  • Equipment’s Lease Security Deposit – $7,500 to $15,500
  • Operating Security System of Subway – $2,450 to $3,550
  • Freight Charges (depends on location) – $3,000 to $14,000
  • Outside Signage – $1,600 to $8,000
  • Opening Inventory – $4,400 to $6,050
  • Insurance – $1,200 to $5,000
  • Supplies – $500 to $1,300
  • Training Expenses – $2,500 to $4,500
  • Legal and Accounting – $1,000 to $3,500
  • Opening Advertising – $2,500 to $4,000
  • Miscellaneous Expenses (business license, utility deposits & small equipment) – $4,000 to $8,000
  • Additional Funds – 3 months – $12,000 to $42,000
  • Estimated Total – $100,550 to $342,400

About Subway

Subway is a worldwide renowned American fast-food company that has existed since 1965. Today there are thousands of Subway stores worldwide, all working to provide better food to its customers. Starting from Sandwiches, Wraps, and all kinds of snacks and beverages, Subway offers all to its customers. 

Many customers find the taste of Subway so delicious that they decide to take the franchise and sell items themselves. Others are pure businessmen who like to be a part of the Subway Family. 

Contact Info

If you need any help with any timing or items, please use the following Subway details. 

  • Official Corporate Number: 203-877-4281
  • Office Address: 325, Bic Drive, Milford, Connecticut (06461)

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:


After having all the above information about Sandwiches, I am sure you must have learned so many things that would help you pick the best sandwich for your hunger the next time you visit the store.

For any further help, I request your comments, and I will try to respond to them.


Which Subway sandwiches are the healthiest?

Well, there are many sandwiches that you can eat at Subway, so it is really hard to pick any one of them. But you can go ahead with Veggie Delight, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Oven Roast and others. 

Where can I find the best Subway coupons?

You can get the coupons at the store at many online channels like CNN or third-party promoters. Or you can directly visit the company and participate in any surveys or gift cards that are distributed.

Does Subway have an allergen menu?

Yes, they have an allergen menu that helps you customize your order and eat the non-allergic items.