Subway Breads Menu in 2023

Subway is famous for many of its menu items, but the customers appreciate the Subway Breads Menu more than anything else. The reason is that the breads at Subway have fewer calories and salt but pack good nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and others. There are more than one Subway Sandwich Breads Types that the restaurant offers, and if you want to know more about them, please read this article as I explain to you all about Subway Breads.

If you are thinking, “What Kind Of Breads at Subway do they serve?” Well, there are many kinds, such as Italian Bread Subway, Artisan Flatbread, healthiest bread, Multigrain Flatbread, Subway Jalapeno Bread, etc. are some of the examples. But the Subway Breads List continues. You can get many other options to choose from. 

In this article, I have given you information about the Subway Breads Menu that will help you choose the right option when you visit the store next time. When you have too many options, you would get confused and find it hard to choose anyone. Therefore, I have listed all the right details in this article to help you with your questions. 

After you complete reading my article, you will likely not have any doubts regarding finding the Best Bread in Subway. All the breads offered by Subway will go perfectly with meats, condiments, spices, ingredients, veggies, and others; so, let’s start with what kinds of Breads at Subway. 

Different Types of Subway Menus

Subway has a long list of menu items that you can choose from and satisfy your hunger. There are Kid’s menus, allergen menus, and much more. All contain different items. To know more about these menus, please read the list below, 

So, as you can see, there are many menus offered by Subway. So, depending on your choice, you can decide which menu is right for you. All the menus allow customization to some extent. So, now you are clear about the menus. Now, let us understand the menu of breads at Subway.

Types of Bread at Subway

Do you want to know which is the healthiest bread at Subway? Well, below are some of the popular breads that you can eat at Subway restaurants. These are Subway Sandwich Bread Types that you can choose from.

Multigrain Flatbread Subway

subway multigrain flatbread

If you like your flatbread to have the highest nutrition possible, try the Multigrain Flatbread Subway. It has chia seeds, flax seeds, and up to 50 gms of whole grains. It will give you all the nutrition your body needs, such as vitamin D, calcium, fiber, and much more. You can enjoy this bread in a 6-inch sandwich with up to 220 calories.

Italian Bread Subway

Italian bread by Subway is soft and can easily turn into flakes while eating. It has a good texture and gives you up to 200 calories with 75 grams per serving. If you do not add any sweet ingredients, spices, cheese, etc., to it, then the bread will taste completely different than any other bread.

Subway Jalapeno Bread

subway jalapeno bread

Subway makes this bread using cheese and Italian herbs by heating it a little. The name jalapeno does not mean the Subway Jalapeno Bread comes covered in it, but rather it has a slice of small jalapeno on it. Tastewise is crispy and has a salty flavor. You can get up to 240 calories in this 6-inch bread and get 85 grams of the slice. Jalapeno helps enhance the bread’s taste, but you can also customize and order a Jalapeno Cheddar Bread Subway item.

Subway 9 Grain Wheat Bread

subway 9 grain wheat bread

This bread is not sweet or has a unique but bland taste. Bland does not mean it is sour or tasteless, but it has very little sweetness. It is great for sandwiches and a great alternative to Italian bread. This bread offers 210 calories and up to 78 grams,

Hearty Italian Bread

hearty italian bread

Hearty and white bread have equal nutritional values; therefore, you can interchange both for your meal. This bread provides added calcium, 230 calories, and 75 grams of nutrition.

Cheddar Monterrey Bread

Even though it doesn’t have much cheese, the white bread still tastes delicious. This bread from Subway is covered in melted cheese, soft and crunchy. It will boost cheese if you like having sub and cheese. This Monterey Cheddar bread will get up to 240 calories, 82 grams per serving.

Artisan Flatbread Subway

Artisan Flatbread Subway, as the name suggests, is flat and dense, unlike lengthy ones. It tastes sweet and is easily chewable. It can offer up to 220 calories and has one serving containing 78 grams.

Subway Rye Bread

This is a 6-inch Subway bread that comes with a balanced nutritional value and good texture. If you eat Subway rye bread, then you will taste a strong taste of rye and darker bread. It offers you 190 calories, lower carbs, and other nutritional values. After eating it, you will distinctly remember the taste and texture of this popular bread.

Parmesan Oregano Bread

As the name suggests, Subway serves this bread by sprinkling oregano and Parmesan cheese, making it a Parmesan Oregano Bread. Just by knowing the ingredients, you can imagine how this bread tastes when you eat it. Eating this bread gives you 210 calories and up to 38 grams of carbs.

Rosemary and Sea Salt Bread

This Subway bread offers a unique flavor, health benefits, and softness. With the added rosemary and sea salt, there is no way you can say “no” to this Subway bread. This 6-inch bread offers you 220 calories and lots of carbs. If you like rosemary, then imagine it with sea salt and other ingredients.

Roasted Garlic Bread

Since this bread needs only roasting, Subway will give it to you within a short time since you place your order. It comes with the aforementioned Italian bread but has a sprinkle of garlic and parsley which is chopped and put over it. Sizewise has 6 inches and offers a high amount of carbs. This bread comes with 230 calories and has butter, garlic, melted Parmesan, Mozzarella cheese, etc.

Italian Herbs and Cheese Bread

italian herbs and cheese bread

Due to cheese and herbs, you get a strong punch flavor while eating this bread. It is a soft and nutritious bread you cannot get the most out of. Subway melts Monterrey cheese and adds up a variety of Italian herbs, making it a healthy bread. You will get 240 calories and 82 grams per serving, among other nutrients.

You have seen a Subway Breads List such as Italian Bread Subway, Multigrain Flatbread Subway, and many other Subway Bread Names. All are great in nutrition and have a unique taste. Many people argue that the healthiest bread at Subway is Multigrain bread, but others say it is Cheddar Monterrey, so it is up to you whichever you feel is the best for you according to your taste and requirement. 

Since you know all about the menus offered by Subway, it’s time to know the timing of Subway so you can eat the most delicious Subway foods. 

When does Subway open and close?

Knowing Subway’s working hours before your visit is the easiest way to plan your visit and get what you want at the restaurant. Knowing the timing lets you catch your favorite Subway Sandwich Breads. 

Week Days Working Hours 
Monday 7AM to 11PM
Tuesday7AM to 11PM
Wednesday7AM to 11PM
Thursday7AM to 11PM
Friday7AM to 11PM
Saturday7AM to 11PM
Sunday7AM to 11PM

You can visit the Subway restaurant to eat your Subway Breads at any of the above timing. But make sure you stay within the stated time. Don’t worry about the Saturdays and Sundays as you can go at the regular time as before. 

You have learned that Subway stays open daily without any time change, but what about the holiday hours? Well, understand, as I have also included the Subway holiday timing. Just read the following point and clear your doubts. 

Subway Holiday Timing in 2023

Most fast-food restaurants would change their times or stay completely closed during holidays, but Subway stays open except for a few. Below are the holidays during which the restaurant stays open.

  • Martin Luther King Day
  • New Year Eve
  • Christmas Eve
  • Day After Christmas
  • Easter
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Day Before Thanksgiving
  • New Year’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Good Friday
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Black Friday

You can follow the regular timing if you plan to visit the Subway restaurants during the above holidays. You will find what you are looking for and enjoy your time. Below are the holidays during which Subway stays closed.

  • Thanksgiving 
  • Christmas Day 

Please stay at home or eat at some other restaurant during these two holidays as you will find the doors of Subway closed these days. 

Where can I find a Subway near me?

If you want to visit the Subway after reading about the mouth-watering Subway Bread Choices Menu, go to and click “Find A Subway”. Here, you can search and find your nearby or planned Subway. You can also type “Subway Near Me” on Google and find the restaurant near you.

There are many other ways to find Subway near you, such as using third-party applications or maps like Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Review of Subway Quality

Subway is a fast-food chain that offers a wide range of items such as wraps, sandwiches, platters, desserts, and drinks. But people mostly recognize this brand for its subs. Subway allows you to customize your order meaning you can change the ingredients and choose the ones you like up to a limit. 

Subway offers 6-inches and 12-inches subs and different types of toppings, and a choice to follow the allergen menu. There are also options for vegetarians and non-vegetarian customers, which keeps the taste intact while eating them. 

Subway does not compromise quality or nutrition and provides authentic taste people love and cherish. If you have yet to try eating Subway Whole Grain Flatbread, please try it at least once; you will find it delicious. 

Deals of Subway Menu Types Of Bread

Subway always announces a wide range of weekly deals, which you can check on its official website or app. Deals are for some time, so you must use them before expiration. If you miss the chance, you may have to wait for another. 

How to order Subway bread online?

The best way to order any Subway item is from the application or the website. Just click on the item, add it to your cart, and choose your customizations. Once you confirm the order, click on the checkout and make payment. Within the specified, you will get your order delivered to your doorsteps.

About Subway

Subway has always been the place where people can find a variety of eating options. It makes sure that the customers get the trending items with proper customization. Subway was founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck. Over the years, its commitment to quality and customer service has led it to be one of the largest fast-food chains in the world. 

With a presence in over 100 countries, the company has a huge customer base and changes the menu items according to the location or country. So, you will find some of the classic items at the restaurants but others you will miss. People enjoy a wide range of Subway Sandwich Bread Types and other menu items at Subway without getting any quality compromises. 

You can try out all the Subway Breads whenever you try to visit. And decide which one was your favorite. 

How does Subway keep maintain high-quality food and services?

Sometimes, there are no secrets to maintaining high quality, and you have to ensure the customers get the best products and services. More or less, that is true about Subway. You get high-quality services and food at the restaurant, and the company listens to your feedback and improves upon both qualities. 

Two things are main when it comes to Subway maintaining its quality

  • Health Commitment
  • Nutrition information 

Subway Franchise Details 

To partner with Subway and earn a profit, you must know about the expenses that you stand to incur. I have briefly explained them to you but make sure you check with the latest rates as they may change over time.

  • Initial Franchise Fee – Up to $15,000
  • Real Property – From $2,000 up to $12,000
  • Leasehold Improvements –  From $40,900 up to $200,000
  • Equipment Lease Security Deposit – From $7,500 up to $15,500
  • Optional Security System – From $2,450 up to $3,550
  • Freight Charges (varies by location) -From  $3,000 up to $14,000
  • Outside Signage – From $1,600 up to $8,000
  • Opening Inventory – From $4,400 up to $6,050
  • Insurance – From $1,200 up to $5,000
  • Supplies – From $500 up to $1,300
  • Training Expenses (including travel & lodging) – From $2,500 up to $4,500
  • Legal and Accounting – From $1,000 up to $3,500
  • Opening Advertising – From $2,500 up to $4,000
  • Miscellaneous Expenses (business license, utility deposits, and other equipment) –  From $4,000 up to $8,000
  • Additional Funds – 3 months – From $12,000 up to $42,000
  • Estimated – From $100,550 up to $342,400

Subway Contact Links & Social Profiles

For any professional help related to the timing, product, or any other aspect, please use the following contact details to reach out to the officials of the company,

Contact Details+1-203-877-4281
Sign Up


I have done my best to Include the answers to the questions like “What Kind Of Bread Does Subway Have?” and “What Is The Healthiest Bread At Subway?” Besides these two questions, I have also informed you about the working hours, holiday hours and many other points. I am sure you will have no doubts left related to Subway Breads.

Please comment below to clarify your donuts, or contact me for suggestions or feedback. 


What Kind Of Bread Does Subway Have in 2023? Has the menu changed?

There are the same types of bread at Subway in 2023 as the company keeps its main menu the same, only the items that are not popular. 

Do all Subway Breads taste the same?

No, breads at Subway change, and their taste and texture also change. Some may taste bland or sweet, and others would change differently based on the use of ingredients and toppings. 

Does Subway offer any special items available from the Subway Bread Menu?

Subway has many menus, but talking about Subway’s Bread Menu, the company only offers what is in the Subway Breads List. It will not change its menu item even for special orders, but surely it will customize it for you.