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MyFedLoan provides services that help students in achieving their future study goals. The organization offers various options to make flexible repayment and programs that reduce the monthly loan amount or interest rate. The organization has served as a financial friend rather than a mere loan service provider for students. Managed by Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), MyFedLoan has been a popular portal organization for getting different service information.

Sometimes the borrowers will need the details of FedLoan’s official support team to get a proper solution to their problems. Before learning about contact details, I will briefly talk about the features of MyFedLoan. 

MyFedLoan Features

  1. Many borrowers find the MyFedLoan as a reliable portal that helps in quick loan processing and finding the required details. 
  2. The loan portal also helps students process loan forgiveness applications via various programs. 
  3. With the portal, students can learn more about educational loans from the beginning. 
  4. MyFedLoan helps students make their payments, and the process is quick and accessible anytime. 
  5. After getting the loan for your education, the FedLoan team will provide all the necessary support and consultation.

How can you reach out to the Support Team?

Reaching out to the MyFedLoan support team is easy and quick if you know the contact details. The following steps will guide you in connecting to the team and getting proper support.

  • First, take out your mobile phone and dial this number – 800.699.2908. By dialing this number, you do not have to pay any cost but make sure you use this number during business/working hours. Business hours are commence from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM from Monday till Friday
  • If you are reaching out from any other country (international), dial a different number – 717.720.1985. This number follows the same business hours as the last number.
  • If you wish to send a fax, use this number – 717.720.1628
  • Finally, you can also visit the official website – and search for the email address. Connect to the team through email and clear up your confusion.

The organization’s customer service will help you resolve any issue, but some problems may be out of their control. For example, to reach out to higher authorities controlling the loan system, you need to note the following steps.

  • If you need a different contact detail than the previously given contact details, you can directly contact the official number of the Department of Education by dialing 1.800.872. 5327
  • As a second option for registering a complaint, you can also contact to The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can register your complaints there and get a proper solution. 

I have listed some of the steps precisely according to the benefit below. Please read them carefully,

  1. Easy and effective loan processing: MyFedLoan helps students get loans quickly and easily. For more information on it, you can contact the support team at this link –
  2. Possibility to get loan forgiveness: By clicking on the Federal Student Aid website at, you will open so many options to browse. You could get the loan forgiveness quickly if you had applied with MyFedLoan.
  3. Securing your loans: It will become easy for you to confirm your loans through the services of FedLoan.
  4. Not just loan: You don’t just get a loan from MyFedLoan but many associated services that make your life simpler.
  5. Getting the second option: At the second option of your fee payment, you can choose any outsider provider while taking a loan from MyFedLoan. But, when you take the service of any such outsider. You need to be alarmed about the outcomes.


Why do the students prefer MyFedLoan over other services?

MyFedLoan is one of the best and most legitimate options, providing many other options besides loans. Also, PHEAA manages the organization, ensuring everything goes smoothly. 

Can I call the support team if I am from another country?

Yes, dial the correct number, 717.720.1985, for international calls only. The working/business hours are from 8 AM to 9 PM, and you can contact the MyFedLoan support team from Monday to Friday.

Is there any different way to contact the support team?

Besides the international number – 717.720.1985 and 800.699.2908 numbers- you can fax the company support team at 717.720.1628.


MyFedLoan is a legitimate federal loan service provider organization that offers a great platform to borrowers. Customer support is one of the significant benefits that attracts many students to take loans from MyFedLoan. The My Fed Loan portal is full of benefits and functions that efficiently mix all loan management functions. 

From the steps and information in this article, you can pick your method to reach out to the customer support team and take their help in resolving the problems that you are facing.