Customer Support

With the MyFedLoan portal, students are able to manage their federal loans and get the benefits of using all the related services. By borrowing a loan from a reputable organization like Fedlaon, the students can easily cover their cost of education with ease. One of the many reasons the students choose it is that they get 24×7 support from the MyFedLoan team. The students must regularly check the loan profile and ask questions related to the loan, interest rates, terms, and programs to reduce the monthly payment of loans requiring customer support.  

To understand the concepts and process of loan consolidation, repayment, and accessing different services, the students need to contact the MyFedLoan team. Besides connecting to the experts, the students can use various resources and tools to help the borrowers manage their profiles efficiently. The portal services and customer support help the students make proper decisions about their future. 

How to create a new MyFedLoan account?

You need a valid MyFedLoan account to access all the services related to your student loan. To create your profile, you need to follow the steps given below,

  1. Open the official MyFedLoan website using your smartphone, PC, or similar device.
  2. You will need to find a “Create an Account” button on the website. 
  3. Then, you must add your unique username and your new password
  4. If asked, please add your personal details as well. 
  5. The next step is to verify and authenticate your profile with the link sent to your email account.
  6. Once you complete the verification, you can access your MyFedLoan account using your login details.

Customer Service of MyFedLoan 

Getting a solution for any problem related to the MyFedLoan portal is very important for any student. So, if you are not sure whom to contact, please note these contact details, 

  • Dial 1.800.699.2908
  • Send mail to – PO Box. 69184, Harrisburg, PA-17106-9184
  • For sending mail if you are having credit issues, please contact – Fedloan Servicing Credit, PO Box – 60610, Harrisburg, PA – 17106-0610

Benefits of contacting the MyFedLoan customer support

Besides helping with simple queries related to MyFedLoan, you get many other key benefits from contacting the customer support team,

  1. Getting help related to loan repayment options 
  2. Helping you with different loan consolidation options 
  3. Discussing and resolving issues associated with the MyFedLoan account
  4. Updating you about the loan forgiveness programs 

How to troubleshoot problems?

To troubleshoot your problems using the customer service and support system, please use the following instructions,

  • Access the official MyFedLoan website using your preferred device, like a smartphone or personal computer.
  • Go to the “Customer Support” option and find the solution to your problems. 
  • If you can’t find any solution, you must contact the customer support team.
  • When asked on the MyFedLoan website, please provide your details, including your loan account number. 
  • Then, follow the instructions and steps provided by the team.


Why take MyFedLoan?

The students get many benefits compared to most loan service providers. They get expert support from the team, online account management, customer team support, flexibility of payment, multiple repayment options, etc.

What kind of customer team support do I get from MyFedLoan?

You can get live chat support, call support, email support, and mail support from the customer support team of MyFedLoan.

What kind of loan forgiveness programs does MyFedLoan offer?

There are two major types of loan forgiveness programs that the My Fed Loan offers, which are 1) Teacher Loan Forgiveness and, 2) Public Service Loan Agreements. 


Customer support information is an integral part of any loan system. It helps the customers get proper solutions to their problems through multiple ways such as mail, chat, email, phone, etc. The official MyFedLoan website provides many options to students with borrowed loans, but the most important is getting a quick solution using customer team support. 

Whenever there are issues, the customer support team tries to understand them and provide expert opinions to help you troubleshoot them quickly.