Subway Nutrition Facts – Complete Guide 2023

Since its establishment, Subway has introduced different menu items for its customers. Many customers prefer to know about the Subway Nutritional Information before they order any food item from the store. Through this article, I will explain to you about the Subway Nutrition Menu, Subway Menu Calories, and how healthy eating at Subway is for you!

So, how healthy is Subway? Well, there different food items that Subway offers customers, such as sandwiches, cookies, protein bowls, pizzas, etc., so it becomes quite difficult to choose any one of them.

Let’s understand how the mixture of Subway menu ingredients and seasoning provides you with the best nutrition possible.  

Basic information about Subway Nutrition

Subway has been around since 1968, constantly improving its menu to suit the ever-changing demand. As of now, you can get a wide range of Subway Menu Nutrition, but it has undergone many changes in the past. 

Unlike other options in those days that offered regular fast food items to the costumes, Subway decided to serve healthier and cheaper options. If you are thinking about visiting to the store, please check out the Nutrition Chart so that you understand your requirements.

You can make healthy Subway choices by customizing and creating your healthy sub sandwich. You can decrease the number of carbs that you are taking by increasing the number of vegetables and protein intake. Also You can choose the Subway protein bowl carbs to get yourself properly chopped vegetables and have a good amount of Nutrition.

So, are you curious about the Subway protein bowl nutrition information? Let’s start with the obvious point: Subway protein bowl calories. So, if you eat a Subway Steak & Cheese protein bowl at Subway, you will get up to 370g calories. So, now you know how much you will get out of one bowl. 

If you do not like meat, you will also get good vegetarian food items at Subway. Subway understands that Subway Calories Menu should have more vegetarian and meat items. Like meatless meatballs, you can eat plant and cell-based faux meat to satisfy your hunger. If you like eating bread, you will also have many options. 

What Subway Nutritional Information can I see? 

Subway displays nutritional information about all the items served very well. Showing the calorie counts beside each item began in 2016 when they remodeled or rebranded their logo. You will find these details right at the counter. 

Subway started displaying nutritional information in 1998, but it only showed the nutrition facts about its core products, such as signature subs. 

Later on, after years, they decided to share more information regarding the nutritional facts of the other products, including the list of ingredients, list of allergens, etc., so if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you should avoid that.  

In 2016, Subway started displaying nutritional facts about all the items to their customers. In this way, customers can now see the information about every item used in the ingredient, right from the bread they are using to the condiments used. 

There was one big challenge for Subway to display nutritional information about everything as it had a  lot of items on the menu. Thus they came up with an idea to group them according to their calorie range.

Please find the list of the groups they have made to display the nutritional information. 

  • 6″ subway series sandwiches 
  • 6″ make your sandwiches 
  • Footlong Pro subway series sandwiches 
  • Footlong Pro makes your sandwiches 
  • Kids Mini subs 
  • Turn your sandwich into a wrap 
  • Turn your sandwich into a salad 
  • Breakfast and Pizza sliders 
  • Bread
  • Sandwich toppings and condiments 
  • Seasoning and spices 
  • Various Proteins 
  • Vegetables 
  • Different cheese 
  • Cookies and desserts 
  • Soups and drinks

Subway displays the nutritional information of the various items of the above category in grams (g), milligrams (mg), and daily percent value (%DV). Find below the list of categories shown to the customers. 

  • The serving size is in grams (g)
  • Calories counts are shown as calories 
  • Total fat is shown in grams (g) 
  • Saturated fat is shown in grams (g) 
  • Trans fat is shown in grams (g) 
  • Cholesterol is shown in milligrams (mg)
  • Sodium is shown in milligrams (mg) 
  • Carbohydrates in Grams 
  • Sugar and added sugars in grams 
  • Dietary fiber in grams 
  • Vitamin A, D, Calcium, and Iron in %DV.

What are the most and least healthiest item on the Subway menu?

Please refer to the below table as a quick guide about what to order and what not to based on the Subway Healthy Options and least healthy food items on the subway menu

Most Healthy ItemsLess healthy Items
Veggie delite wraps and sandwich Bacon, cheese, and egg flatbread 
Egg and cheese flatbread Turkey and guacamole sandwich 
Raspberry cheesecake cookie (in Dessert) Bacon and chicken ranch melt wraps and salad 
Honest kid organic juice box (in drinks menu) Sugar cookie in Dessert and Barq’s Red creme soda in drinks

Subway also has a downloadable Subway Nutrition PDF of the allergens to avoid emergencies and inform customers about the ingredients used in a specific item. The most common allergen ingredients are as follows: 

  • Eggs
  • Shellfish and fish 
  • Soy 
  • Sulfites 
  • Wheat or Gluten 
  • Tree nuts 


After reading this article on Subway Nutrition, I hope you have learned which value meal you can order the next time you visit the restaurant. This Guide has helped you learn more about the menu, items, and choices you can make with toppings. There is a Subway Nutrition Menu which you can find here. Rest you can visit the Subway store and find out for yourself.

If you still need some more information on the nutrition of Subway, please do comment below. I get back to my readers and resolve their queries as much as possible. If you need more answers, don’t forget to read my FAQs,


What is the amount of Subway Pizzas Nutrition amount?

Subway pizza nutrition includes up to 720 calories per serving, 24g fat, 9g saturated fat, 50 mg cholesterol, 50 mg sodium, 94g total carbs, 4g dietary fiber, 8g sugars, and 28g of protein. All of these make pizza the ideal food item to eat. But please confirm that you have pizzas available in your area, as Subway pizza was discontinued in some locations. 

How can I calculate the calories if I order a customized item at subway?

Visit this link,, and select what you are ordering. Start with a sandwich, warp, or soup/Dessert cookie, and keep selecting the ingredients you want; you will find the detailed nutritional information on the right-hand side. 

Which Subways toppings do I get to enjoy?

Subway all toppings include two types of cheese, American and Mozzarella, and other Subway veggie lists such as tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, jalapenos, capsicum, olives, and cucumbers. Depending upon your choice of Subways toppings list, you will have options such as Subway sandwich toppings and others.